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About us

We are a public relations agency specialized in solutions for IT-sector clients. Our goal is to satisfy high demands of PR activities for manufacturers of PC components, software home appliances and consumer electronics. We are experienced in comprehensive communications programs.

We trust that a properly suited team can provide best effects for our customers. Therefore we employ only people fascinated with new technologies, who combine their work with passion on a daily basis. We are one of the few agencies to provide highest grade services by best trained personnel.

Most of our current employees are enthusiast or former IT journalists who know the market like no one else and can easily involve audience into activities. We are proud of their detailed IT market and consumer electronics knowledge. Thanks to that knowledge and experience we can provide effective brand image campaigns.

Each project is planned in every detail and considered individually. We are deeply committed to every task, always trying to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our core competence areas are:

 Corporate & product PR
 Full range of special events
 Effective marketing campaigns
 Comprehensive communication
 Social Media service

Our extensive knowledge of IT market and our good relations with media from this sector guarantee effective image campaigns. In addition to the know-how and extensive experience, we offer cooperation with new technologies enthusiasts and new media representatives.